Sun Splash Family Waterpark

Sun Splash Family Waterpark, located in Southwest Florida, offers 14 acres of aquatic fun for visitors of all ages. As the largest waterpark in the region, it boasts a wide range of attractions, including water slides, pools, and more.

One of the park’s main attractions is the Main Stream River Tube Ride, a relaxing way to drift along the water and take in the park’s surroundings. For those seeking a bit more excitement, there are several high-speed water slides to choose from, including the Cape Fear, Fun-L-Tunnel, Zoom Flume, and the 457-foot Electric Slide & Power Surge.

Brave adventurers can test their courage on the Thunder Bump, Terror Tube, and X-celerator, three thrilling free-fall slides that drop riders from heights of up to 5 1/2 stories. Meanwhile, the little ones can have their own fun at Pirate’s Cove, an area designed specifically for young children.

When it’s time to take a break from the water, visitors can grab a snack at the Calypso Café or relax in a lounge chair by the pool. Whether you’re looking for a heart-pumping thrill or a relaxing day in the sun, Sun Splash Family Waterpark has something for everyone.

With all these attractions and more, Sun Splash Family Waterpark is the ideal destination for summer fun. Visitors can splash and play all day long, enjoying the park’s wide range of water activities. From families to groups of friends, anyone can make memories at this exciting waterpark.