Waltzing Waters Inc

The Przystawik family has gained international recognition for their musical fountain shows, which combine the beauty of fountains with the gracefulness of ballet and music. This family has been creating water, light, and music productions for three generations, becoming one of the world’s foremost leaders in this field.

It all began in the 1920s when Otto Przystawik, a German inventor, had the idea to combine fountains, light, and music. He created “Przystawik’s Dancing Fountains” on a small scale for display in restaurants and stores. However, World War II interrupted his work, and he resumed it in 1950 by creating a spectacular fountain show at the Resi Ballroom and restaurant in Berlin, which quickly became a popular local attraction accompanied by live music.

In 1952, the dancing fountains appeared at an exhibition in Berlin, where they caught the attention of Harold Steinman, a brilliant New York showman. Steinman purchased dozens of the shows over the next several decades, naming them the “Dancing Waters.” His New York company sent the shows on tour throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

During the 1950s, Otto and his son, Gunter, worked together in their German factory, advancing their musical fountain designs. In 1965, Gunter moved to Florida and, with the passing of his father, continued the development of the family craft. After several dramatic breakthroughs, he named his new shows the “Waltzing Waters®” to distinguish them from the older “dancing fountains” designed by his father.

Today, Michael Przystawik is at the helm of the family business and has incorporated the latest space-age technology into their fountain designs, creating even more advanced displays. Heralding the dawn of a new millennium, “Waltzing Waters® – Liquid Fireworks®” continue to set the world standard for water, light, and music spectaculars.

The Przystawik family’s legacy has left an indelible mark on the world of fountain shows, combining the natural beauty of water with the artistry of music and light. Their “Waltzing Waters®” have dazzled audiences around the globe, featuring intricate choreography, stunning visuals, and an array of musical genres.

The shows are a testament to the Przystawik family’s dedication to innovation, creativity, and excellence. They have created a unique art form that continues to inspire and delight audiences worldwide. The Przystawik family’s impact on the world of fountain shows is comparable to the Wallenda family’s high wire acts and the Zambelli family’s fireworks displays. They have become one of the world’s foremost leaders in water, light, and music productions, and their legacy lives on through their spectacular fountain displays.

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